If you have never seen a hammer before and examine it you fairly quickly figure out it is designed to hit something. You won’t know that it is designed to drive nails or bend metal, but you can tell it is made to strike something. 

As leaders we need to be students of people and discern how they are “designed”. Ancient biblical wisdom proposes that humans have the following three traits:

  1. People are designed to win. There is a deep need built for every human to win at something. This need is as important as food and oxygen. 
  2. For people to win they have to figure out what winning means for them. What do they want? Their purpose, their goals? And they usually need the help of others to fulfill their purpose.
  3. When people don’t win over a long period of time, they show different symptoms – anger, discouragement, disengagement from life, work and other people.

Leadership requires understanding these three truths and helping people figure out how to win. Leadership is required at home, at school and at work. Leadership is the most challenging work in the world because everyone is different and it is the most rewarding work because you are helping people fulfill their most basic need, being what God created them to be.




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