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bring consistent order in a chaotic world.

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The Urgent Shouldn’t Overwhelm The Important.

Many businesses are stunted by “firefighting” problems that stem from ineffective communication and organization. At LeadFirst we offer a leadership development framework that includes leadership coaching and tools that introduce business intelligence, clear direction and forward movement so your business and people thrive.

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Lead your team forward with a clear strategy

You have a clear vision and direction for where you want to take your company. A vision that involves growth, success, and impact in the lives of your employees, customers, and community. The problem is, with growth and more people comes more chaos and fires to put out.

This can leave you feeling overwhelmed with a “people problem” that seems to be spiraling out of control, and frustrated with the time it’s taking away from focusing on what truly matters most, leading well.

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Create lasting
leadership effectiveness

We believe leaders deserve to have the framework, tools, and insights they need to bring order out of chaos through leadership effectiveness. You deserve to have the clarity and direction you need at any moment to empower your leaders to lead well, manage your teams effectively and navigate through the normal growing pains of a business.

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Equip your team with powerful, clear tools that forge your business forward with confidence, unity, and direction.

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The chaos you’re experiencing as a leader is normal.

It’s why you’re in business, to solve that chaos and create lasting change. What isn’t normal is when it gets out of control. With our programs, you’re put back into the driver’s seat of your business growth and are equipped with powerful, clear tools that forge your business forward with confidence, unity, and direction.

Leaders First was founded by leaders who have led through the same problems you find yourself in now and now distilled their insights into coaching and tools to help you overcome these challenges and thrive

Lead your company
through effective leaders

Equip yourself with the coaching, tools and systems you need to develop the people that will grow your business.

7 Key Findings on what Drives Performance and Engagement

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What are the factors for effective leadership?

There are six primary areas required for leadership effectiveness in this very chaotic world.

  • First is the ability to define (choose) where you want to go (a vision) and articulate it in a way that your team understands it.
  • Second, you need to be able to lay out a broad change roadmap that describes the broad steps for reaching the vision.
  • Third, and most difficult of all, you have to be able to balance the allocation of resource between ‘running the business and changing it. In most organizations, it takes 110% of your current resource just to keep doing business. The wisdom and judgment required to drive change with an overloaded team take strong leadership.
  • Fourth, you have to figure out how to get the most important things done through other people. This requires very clear objectives, delegation, lots of one-on-one mentoring, and really effective team collaboration (meetings) so you keep people on the same page while you change the play.
  • Fifth, you must engage everyone in innovation from the bottom up. Strategy is top-down but most innovation starts from the bottom. People on the front lines see what is working and what isn’t before anyone else. Effective leaders engage the hearts and minds of EVERYONE in the mission.
  • Last of all effective leaders think ahead when it comes to building their team. They have a roadmap of what will be required of their team two or three years in advance and are investing NOW to prepare their team for the future.
How do you measure leadership effectiveness?

You rigorously monitor and measure your own and your team’s progress on the six factors described above. Leadership involves knowing where you want to go and knowing how to get there. With this definition in mind, it’s obvious that everyone is a leader in their area of responsibility. What that implies is that development AND measurement of leadership effectiveness are best done as a ‘team effort’. Systematically the team should self-evaluate these six areas AND develop action plans for continued growth.

There is an adage that ‘if you can’t measure it you can’t manage it. Leadership is like any other organization’s process and competency; you accelerate improvement by measurement.

Why is effectiveness important in leadership?

The most common definition of leadership is knowing what to do’ and management is ‘knowing how to get it done’.

At LeadFirst we believe you can not separate leadership and management. They are two halves of the ‘same coin’.

There is a quote attributed to Thomas Edison, that says “vision without execution is a hallucination.”

The point is that the whole meaning behind leadership is to get the right things done. If you don’t make that happen over a certain period, you are not being ‘effective’ as a leader.

What are the four key components of leadership?

By components, we mean skills or values – the essence of the character of a leader and what they believe.  We suggest the following four for your consideration:

  • Purpose Driven– they have a strong desire to clarify, identify and commit to purpose. They ‘own’ what they are committed to.
  • People Driven – they deeply understand and believe in the value and importance of others in the pursuit of purpose
  • Trustworthy – by their honesty, openness and integrity they build the trust of others. They are worthy of trust.
  • Persistent – it is simply not in their DNA to quit. They will go through, around, over and under roadblocks. They never take ‘no’ for an answer