An opportunity to prepare your organization for the future.

We shall have no better conditions in the future if we are satisfied with all those which we have at present.

-Thomas Edison

How prepared is your organization for the future?

  • Do you need a process to gather, consider, and act on feedback?
  • Want your top leaders to take ownership of the success of the organization?
  • Looking for a way to analyze external and internal factors of success?
  • Do your strategic planning sessions need more data?

Your team has valuable insights. We can help you leverage them.    

Discipline VI guides your team through a series of best practices to analyze what capabilities you need to fulfill your vision. Here are all the questions you will answer:

  1. Rules of Engagement   |  What ‘air traffic control’ rules do we use to work together?
  2. Best Practice Assessment   |  What improvements need to be made to our management system?
  3. External Analysis   |  What external trends might affect our strategy?
  4. Stakeholder Analysis   |  What are our stakeholders saying to us?
  5. Execution Analysis   |  Are we executing our strategic plan?
  6. Leadership Analysis  |   What leader development priorities should be on our strategic agenda?
  7. Strategic Agenda   |  What are the critical issues for this planning cycle?
Organization Improvement 1

Collaboration Software
making DVI: Organization Development work

Leverage the power of brainstorming, solve problems, and agree on priorities – faster!

  • Survey your customers and employees
  • Prioritize your teams ideas with our powerful brainstorming tool, RightPage™
  • Everyone is heard. All input is considered in a systematic and efficient way.
  • Get clear reports from surveys and brainstorming exercises
  • See trended data year over year
Organization Improvement 2

Continuous Leader Development
training on DVI: Organization Development

Our Organization Development Workshop guides your top leaders through a question based self-assessment to help them spot gaps in your organization’s key processes.

  • Analyze survey results
  • Small group exercises to prioritize ideas
  • Build engagement among your top leaders
  • Great opportunity to develop junior leaders’ organizational development thinking
Organization Improvement 3

Ongoing Coaching
reinforcing DVI: Organization Development

Our coaches help your top leaders talk openly to evaluate options and priorities, getting them on the same page.

  • Administer surveys
  • Facilitate workshop
  • Debrief with top leaders on results
  • Facilitate a SWOT analysis for each team below the senior team
Organization Improvement 4