Believe it or not, you were created to beat chaos.That is what the Bible says. It is emphatic about this truth and uses terms like “dominion”, “rule”, “overcome”, “master” from the very first chapter to the very last. We are designed to bring order out of chaos. It is our purpose. The creation narrative says that you and I are designed in God’s image to create and have dominion.

So, if you are facing chaos be encouraged. In the struggle against it you will find meaning. The creation narrative in the book of Genesis says that God created chaos first (the earth was void and without form) and then He begins to bring order out of the chaos step by step. He is showing us the way.

We are designed to do the same thing and we are not fulfilled unless we are winning at something important. For some it is mastering a musical instrument, for others it is preparing a Thanksgiving feast, some till the ground and others manufacture products. 

The Essence of Leadership

The biblical idea of leadership applies to every person on earth. Do not ever believe the lie that you are a loser and can’t win. It is simply not true. God never intended for your life to be easy, but it did intend for it to be meaningful.

Each week I will share practical insights about the nature of chaos and how to make it serve your purposes as you lead yourself and others.




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