The First Step to Overcome Chaos – Think Differently. 

Most of the time we sort of personify chaos, by referring to it as though it was a “thing” we can touch and perhaps curse a little under our breath. I encourage you to think of chaos differently. Chaos is just unordered or unutilized resource available for your use. For example, you have probably driven by a building site and in its early stages it appears as total chaos with piles of steel rods, sand, concrete, lumber, window frames — a huge inventory of pieces lying about. Then you drive by six months later a building is standing and the chaos is gone. 

The difference is that someone had a blueprint and a team of people and equipment that transformed what looked like chaos into a planned structure. The point of this simple example is to not allow the “pile” of chaos in front of you overwhelm you or take away your power. 

Chaos is transformed by purpose. A God-given trait of humans is the ability to form a purpose and pursue it. And with good purposes we bring order out of the chaotic resources around us. This is the first step to master chaos, realizing that you ARE built to beat chaos. Chaos does not have a mind or heart, but you do.

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