Get More Than a Workshop.

Get Continuous Leader Development.

Our processes, software, and leadership development program are all designed around a common set of best practices. Sixty-five of them packed into the the six disciplines. The workshops teach them. The software applies them. The coaching reinforces them. No more attending a leadership workshop to realize a year later that nothing has changed.

Six Disciplines leader development program is different:

  • Leadership skills are applied to your business strategy not to theoretical case studies
  • Workgroups participate as a group so they learn together
  • Certified coaches help your teams stay on course throughout the year
  • Post workshop follow-up is built into weekly, quarterly, and annual check-ins
  • We benchmark proficiency before the workshop so you can measure progress
  • All training is done on-site so there is no travel cost


Our Approach to Workshops

Designed to take concepts from ‘head to heart,’ each workshop exposes your team to short bursts of competency principles and then deep-dive exercises in small table groups.

  • Led by your coach, a certified facilitator
  • Everyone takes home an in-depth workbook.
  • Every lesson begins with an engaging 10-minute principle video.
  • Every lesson is driven home with 40-minutes of discussion and small group exercise.
  • Post-event, every principle is reinforced by the software and coaching.

Discipline Workshops

Train your teams on the disciplines with a series of six workshops. Together, the six disciplines establish a management rhythm that aligns strategy, operations, and individual engagement around shared-purpose.

DI – Strategic Vision
DII – Strategic Change Management
DIII – Operational Alignment
DIV – Teamwork Driven Execution
DV – Continuous Improvement
DVI – Organization Development


Self-Leadership Workshop

Drive organizational maturity and business impact by introducing people at every level of your organization to core competencies.

  • Lead and manage yourself
  • Openness and honesty
  • Integrity and trustworthiness
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Customer focus
  • Multi-Rater feedback report from your co-workers
  • DISC Personality Assessment report

DISC Team Building Workshop

Help your teams start paying better attention to people’s behaviors, noticing their personality styles, and adapting to be more effective.

  • Noticing body language and speech patterns
  • Awareness of how your style comes across to others
  • Ability to adapt rather than simply react
  • How DISC applies to meetings, voicemail, delegating tasks, and email
  • 23-page in depth DISC Full Profile Report for every participant

Functional Leadership Workshop

Equip your team leaders (e.g., divisions, departments) to effectively lead their group and keep them aligned with the wider mission of the organization.

  • Why they, as leaders, are the most important part
  • Build clear plans
  • Align goals and targets
  • Drive change and close gaps
  • Manage plan execution
  • One-on-One Coaching


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