Chaos and purpose are on opposite ends of the same spectrum. Chaos is the raw material use to pursue purpose. For some reason God wired us to relentlessly want to overcome, build, create — bring order out of chaos. All of life whether raising a family, cooking a meal or building a medical care center is about this eternal battle that gives our life meaning.

The power of purpose is illustrated with a simple analogy. The Bible points out that light conquers darkness – always. The proof is that you cannot go into a lighted room and turn on the “dark” switch. You can only turn-off the light. So it is with chaos. Chaos is the absence of purpose; Purpose is not the absence of chaos.

If you want to strike a blow to the chaos in your life, home or business, step back and determine what your real purpose is. A proverb paraphrase says that “the purpose of the human heart is deep water and those who are wise search it out.

It is only when your purpose is clear that you begin to know how to order the chaos. In the same way that all the spices and ingredients in your kitchen are chaos until you pick your recipe, so it is in your life. You are built to defeat chaos, but it always starts with purpose.



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