Following are six principles that effective leaders figure out over time. They may not use the same words, but they come to understand these truths over time. 

  1. Chaos Refines Us – Chaos is the raw material of life. And the effort of transforming it into something useful challenges us to the limit but it makes us stronger. It tests and refines.
  2. You Are Designed to Win – Everyone has deep within the capability (and the desire) to win at something. Leaders are good at helping people find and fulfill that purpose.
  3. All Chaos is Not Alike -There are three kinds of chaos and they each bring different types of challenge. There are external factors we absolutely have no control over – earthquakes, hurricanes, etc. The best we can do is prepare for what we would do in such a disaster. Social chaos is what occurs among people. It is a chaos created by how we interact wtih each other and it is maddeningly complex and frustrating because it seems like we should be able to overcome it but it is a constant challenge. The third type of chaos is internal. It is what is going on inside of individuals who are trying to figure what they want, who they are and what to do to get what they want. As a leader the interaction among these 3 forces requires great skill and is why leadership is the most important work in the world.
  4. Purpose is Your First Responsibility –the place to start in overcoming chaos is always with purpose. A leader’s most important first responsibility is to determine purpose. Upon that foundation you can then begin to address the types of chaos above.
  5. People Don’t Obey the Laws of Physics — People are not machines. They have a mind of their own with unique desires that grow and change. Effective leaders build relationships at the individual level that honors uniqueness.
  6. Order is Easier to Create than to Keep –this last learning is hard to believe until you experience it. When you are building something for the first time it seems overwhelming to get it built. But after it is built you gradually realize that it takes more wisdom and effort to sustain the success of a business, family, society than it did to create it. It makes sense, sustaining is forever, creating is one-time. 



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