You Are Created To Lead

Become a leader who is free to lead with purpose, perspective, and act intentionally for the growth of everyone around you.






As leaders, we need to stop
labeling chaos as the enemy.

We all encounter chaos. But what if chaos is not the enemy? What if chaos is the raw material we can use to create order and growth for the flourishing of everyone in our sphere of influence. Our attention would be focused on the right things, our lives aligned with eternity, and our days on mission with the most fulfilling work we can imagine. It all starts by redefining how we engage with chaos.

Leadership is about becoming someone capable of leading, first.

No matter who you are, you were created to overcome. You’re meant to win. We are all leaders influencing those around us positively or negatively. The problem is, living in this world will eventually bring us to encounter chaos, and without a clear vision, we’ll lack the discernment on how to engage it.

That’s why you’re here.

To become a leader who possesses the ability to consistently overcome chaos. I’ve distilled over 40 years of experience leading 300+ person organizations into biblical leadership principles that will guide you, challenge you and ultimate forge you into the person you need to be in order to lead well and grow everything around you.

Overcome the chaos in your life
through biblical leadership principles.

The best part is, we have insight into the architecture of human flourishing through the lens of scripture. It begins with internal alignment that leads to freedom and fosters vision.

Gary Harpst 1


The source of desire, passion and initiative

Gary Harpst 2


The place of reason that integrates desire with wisdom

Gary Harpst 3


Our dream before it is created, the integration of desire and wisdom

Gary Harpst 4


The active pursuit of intention using skill, resources, energy and relationships

Why it all matters.

Through leading large organizations for decades I began to very painfully how chaos undermined the growth and health of businesses. I knew there was a better way and began to uncover insights and develop solutions based on biblical principles that I could apply to train teams effectively.

Now, I get the privilege of guiding thousands of leaders to see clearly through the lens of biblical leadership principles, so they can become leaders that overcome chaos.

Character Before Competency

Cultivating the character to overcome chaos begins in the mind. And that’s exactly where we do our work. If you want to lead consistently from a place of wisdom, perspective and freedom, let’s talk.