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Do you have a plan to grow your managers continually?

  • Does your management system promote development of your leaders?
  • Does your team measure outcomes?
  • Do you build development plans based on the data and measured results?
  • Are you helping your leaders when they need it? As opposed to months later.

With a trusted management development program, your leaders can be trained to lead and grow their teams!

Why choose a management development program?

Build Self-leadership

Individuals are the building blocks of an effective organization. If you can’t lead yourself, you cannot lead others.

Build Team Leaders

Unlike houses which are held together by nails, organizations are held together by purpose and by relationships. Leaders must master building oneness.

Build the Business

By building strong individuals and teams, you build an organization that can handle the chaos that comes with growth.

Help Build 7 Skills Into Every Leader

Management Development Program 1

Develop Authentic People Skills

Leaders must care about their people, live opennness and honesty, build oneness, and commitment.

Management Development Program 2

Set Clear Vision & Purpose

Overcoming chaos, starts with clear purpose. It is the foundation for alignment and engagement throughout the organization.

Management Development Program 3

Prioritize Necessary Change

Leaders must provide clarity about what has to change to achieve vision. This roadmap sequences change in a bit-size chunks in the right order.

Management Development Program 3

Balance 'running' & 'changing'

Everyone must be equipped with the business intelligence and plans that show how to balance resource between short-term priorities and long-term strategic change.

Management Development Program 5

Get Results Through Teamwork

Plans are never right, so leaders must build agile teams that spot problems early, and adjust to change quickly. This requires building strong self-leaders.

Management Development Program 6

Get Everyone Innovating

85% of the typical workforce is not involved in planning and decision making. Effective leaders unlock the creativity of the other 85% engaging them in continuous process improvement.

Management Development Program 7

Prepare for the Future

Every organization eventually outgrows its ability to execute. Leaders must be focused on developing their team capability for the future vision. Waiting until the capability is needed is too late.

Management Development Program 8

Make Measurement and Mentoring the Centerpiece of Your Management Development System

People are created to “win.” Clearly defining responsibilities and targets tells them what success means. It creates engagement and motivation.

Engage your people in figuring out “how” to meet targets. People are created to solve problems and innovate! Closing target gaps is a development opportunity.

People learn best by doing. If the leaders build and practice a measurement climate, then the team will have a continuous focus on learning. Measurement drives learning and learning should be ongoing.

Our four-step implementation process makes it easy for you to decide whether this is right for you.

1 - Schedule a coaching call

Discuss your needs and how LeadFirst can help. 

2 - Team Readiness Assessment

Team developmental benchmark and Emotional Intelligence Profile.



3 - Plan the Implementation

Teams, schedules, development priorities.


4 - Lead your Business Forward

Set business targets, align and engage teams, develop skills. establish order and consistency as you grow.


7 Key Findings on what Drives Performance and Engagement

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FAQ’S On Management Development Program

Will you help our team develop a management program?

Yes. This directly ties to our mission of making leaders more effective. No leader can remain effective if they don’t have an intentional approach for developing themselves and their team. In our program, the first step for every leader is to identify where the organizational development gaps are and decide which ones to address first. Every leader has their own strategy tailored to their specific needs.

Are there certain key elements to include in the program?

Leading people is the greatest challenge and the single most important skill society needs. It is difficult because people can only achieve their potential when they work together and yet working together is not easy. We all have minds and desires of our own. For leaders to be effective they have to master both enduring people skills that have been proven over time AND they have to master the latest process skills relevant to their business.  It is a tall order that requires on-going organizational development. If the organization isn’t learning rapidly it will soon outgrow its ability to stay ahead of the chaos.

Can you recommend certain strategies to help our our program improve?

The place to start is to figure out what you want out of your leadership development program. And then figure out how to measure whether you are getting what you want. With those two pieces in place you can establish a benchmark and start designing and building a system that continuously improves. Any system you design should be 1) data-driven (to accelerate learning) 2) adaptable to different types of people and work and 3) put people skills first.  Unlike the industrial revolution, this generation of workers is driven by meaning and purpose. Without people skills, nothing else will last.


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