Data Driven Leadership Approach

Build A Proven Metric Driven Environment

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Are your people empowered by purpose or throttled by bureaucracy?

  • Does everyone in your organization understand what’s important and how it is measured?
  • Does your team have easy access to up-to-date results so they can adjust tactics and learn?
  • Is your organization continually improving results and increasing innovation?
  • Are future targets set by historical data or based on guesses?

A “data-driven approach” makes sure your team is moving forward based on what really matters!

We Put Together A Single Metric-Driven System So You Don’t Have To

Data Driven leadership 1

Effective leaders must master both the people AND the process leadership in a balanced way. In this diagram you see the 5 people skills (center) and 6 process skills (outside) that our data-driven platform monitors for leadership development progress.

How A Data-Driven Approach Enables Better Leadership

Data Driven leadership 2


Planning is where the purpose is determined at the organization – both group and individual levels.  

Data Driven leadership 3

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence provides the history to define plans and it provides updates to information on variance from plans. 

Data Driven leadership 4


Engagement provides the human interaction to keep working together effectively through one-on-one interaction, team meetings and performance feedback. 

Data Driven leadership 5

Manage Anything

Manage Anything integrates other systems, data, and workflows, and gathers data through surveys.

Data Driven leadership 6

Leadership Development

Leadership Development resources integrate so that skill gaps are prioritized and growth is measured like any other business objective.

Data Driven leadership 7

Why choose LeadFirst?

Proven Model

The LeadFirst model results from “applied learning” with clients over 20 years.

Individual Coaching

We don’t take a mass-market approach. A coach is assigned to every client resulting for an individualized implementation.

Simple Contracts

We believe in business with a handshake and have no long-term contract. 

Lifetime Experience

Our founder has been studying this problem for a lifetime. His passion for integrating biblical principles into everyday business life is recounted in his book Built to Beat Chaos.

What is the main difference in the data-driven model?

Data Driven leadership 2

It builds from the bottom up to ensure a 100% metric-driven foundation.

Data Driven leadership 3

It’s built for growing organizations. Growth requires change which means needing constant measuring and learning.

Data Driven leadership 4

Skills development is measured like everything else. If your team isn’t learning, then chaos wins.

Data Driven leadership 4

Enjoy an integrated learning system with the management system so learning is faster and continuous.

1 - Schedule a coaching call

Discuss your needs and how LeadFirst can help. 

2 - Team Readiness Assessment

Team developmental benchmark and Emotional Intelligence Profile.



3 - Plan the Implementation

Teams, schedules, development priorities.


4 - Lead your Business Forward

Set business targets, align and engage teams, develop skills. establish order and consistency as you grow.


7 Key Findings on what Drives Performance and Engagement

Wondering how to motivate and grow efficiency in your business? We did too. That’s why we surveyed 800 workers at all levels in multiple industries conducting a research study that uncovered 7 Key Findings on what Drives Performance and Engagement.

What came as a result blew us away. It pulled back the curtain and gave us a window into what motivates people to engage and perform better.

Download it right here. You’ll find insights you can act on immediately.

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