Often enough, we find ourselves needing to contact a specialist (a professional, someone one who “knows the ropes”, who’s “been there, done that”.)

Have a tax question? Call your tax accountant or CPA.

Have a foot problem? Call your doctor or podiatrist.

Have a recurring leaking faucet. Call your master plumber.

Problem identified, and sure enough, there’s a specialist who’s able to fix your problem.

Now, let’s change the scenario from “personal”…to organizational.

You’re a leader within your organization, and you have a whole laundry list of business challenges, each in their own “bucket”:

Employee challenges: on-boarding, engagement, performance management, leadership development

Strategy and execution challenges: strategic thinking, planning, goal-setting, brainstorming, team productivity, alignment,

Growth challenges: sales, revenue, cost containment, business model changes, disruptive competitive threats

Customer challenges: satisfaction, retention, loyalty

…and the list goes on, and on, and on…

Just as a reminder: the more successful your organization becomes, the more challenges you’ll have, and the greater the challenges will be. Even if you’re failing, your list of challenges doesn’t get any shorter – they just get tougher.

So, you do some research, talk to some of your colleagues and peers, and you ask them “How did YOU solve your problems?  Who did you work with?”

Some will sheepishly admit they’ve worked with a management consultant, or a business coach, or an HR guru, or some other kind of “specialist”. But you keep telling yourself “I’ve TRIED all of these alternatives” before, and the results were mediocre at best.

Perhaps, you really don’t KNOW exactly what your real business problems are?  Or perhaps, you’re not sure how to prioritize the challenges you have?

There’s no doubt, you DO need a specialist, BUT you also need a trusted advisor who is savvy in organizational development, strategy execution, continuous improvement, and performance management software. You don’t want to engage with someone who understands these disciplines only from a theoretical perspective, but someone who’s “been there, done it” – and is well-practiced in helping organizations get to the next level. You need someone who is an expert in a research-based,repeatable business process cycle that you can rely on daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual basis.  Oh, and by the way, you also need someone you can trust, a servant-leader who earns your relationship every day.

Is there a professional “specialist” that can do all of that? How do you find someone who is certified as an expert in many (or all) of these areas?

The tough question is “who ya gonna call?” (You can continue singing that tune in your head for the rest of the day. You’re welcome.)

Call us now at (866) 344-8517 or contact us, and we’ll respond quickly.  For over 15 years, our clients have been telling us “we tried all the other alternatives, that’s why we’re becoming Six Disciplines customers.”



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