The Gallup organization has been measuring employee engagement globally since 2000. In the United States, the figures on “engaged vs. not engaged vs. actively disengaged” employees for the last 16 years are disappointing, if not downright disturbing.

With Employee Engagement Stalled, Can Disruptive Performance Management Kickstart The Trend? 1

What’s alarming is that despite all of the investment in programs, software, and training, the employee engagement needle hasn’t moved significantly since 2000.

The newest Gallup report, State of the American Workplace, revealed employee engagement continues to be stalled, with 51% being “not engaged” and 16% being “actively disengaged”.

While there are many definitions and formulas for improving employee engagement, the report offered this important observation:

“Some leaders and managers believe the ultimate goal of employee engagement is higher levels of worker happiness and satisfaction. Happier workers certainly benefit an organization, but the real goal of employee engagement is improved business outcomes.”

Despite all the soft talk about “happy employees”, the report’s chapter on “The Competitive Advantage of Engaging Employees” states that employee engagement is an absolute requirement if we want to meet and exceed our business goals.

It’s time to kickstart the process – with a disruptive, agile approach to performance management.

Start by implementing a clear model of how team members and leaders are supposed to interact with each other. We call this the “employee engagement” model, a repeatable six-step cycle.

With Employee Engagement Stalled, Can Disruptive Performance Management Kickstart The Trend? 2The basic principle is that clear goals are set, and regular, frequent communication and collaboration enable you to revise and complete goals more efficiently. This cycle provides feedback using quarterly and annual check-in meetings. The measurable result over time? “Meeting and exceeding your business goals.”

The Six Disciplines suite of performance management software apps are designed to embrace employee engagement throughout your organization, including managing plans, meetings, actions (to-do’s), quarterly and annual check-ins, collaboration exercises, feedback surveys, and dashboard metrics.

Find out how the Six Disciplines Performance Management Program can kickstart employee engagement in YOUR organization.



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