In sports, no one questions the importance of having a good coach.

In music, art, science, no one questions the importance of having a good mentor.

If you’re running a small business, why should it be any different?

Yet, everyday, leaders of small and emerging businesses continue to waste thousands (if not tens of thousands) of dollars on ineffective means to the end: learning to develop a top-performing business.

We hear it from our clients all the time: “I spent thousands on books, seminars, consultants; we’ve gone through planning sessions, brainstorming, etc. – and none of it has lasted.”

Frustrating? You bet.

Common place? More than we all want to admit.

Are you hoping for the best? Well, hope – is not a strategy.

Well, there’s always “business coaching” – but buyer beware: You actually need more than just a “business coach.”

You need a holistic approach – a complete program that includes a repeatable business-building methodology, an external business coach (for accountability), execution software that enages every person, every day, and access to a shared learning community for faster adoption and stronger organziational engagement.

Do you – and your organization- need more than a business coach? Are you challenged with any of these?

  • A lack of a solid strategic plan – mission, vision, values, strategic position, vital few objectives
  • A lack of well-defined goals – specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and tangible (deadlines and attributable responsible people)
  • Wasted time and resources – your people are working on things that do not align with your strategy
  • Procrastination, distractions and working on “urgent” things – rather than “vital” things
  • Lack of individual accountability – and organizational “entropy”

Do any of these sound familiar? How about all of them? You aren’t alone. Every client we talk to has one or more (and sometimes, all) of these challenges.

It’s time you looked into Six Disciplines….