From the new landmark research study recently released from Six Disciplines, and detailed in this 30-page research paper, “7 Key Findings About What Employees Say Drives Performance and Engagement“, survey results find that the #5 key finding is that employee engagement drops an average of 5-7% for each succeeding management level in the organization. The importance of this research finding cannot be understated, as each succeeding management level has 7 to 10 times as many employees, leaving the largest group in terms of numbers as being the least engaged.
Why Employee Engagement Drops 5-7% for Each Succeeding Management Level In An Organization 1
These findings should act as a leadership wake-up call, as those who report to you are very likely not as engaged as you. That said, your management systems (whichever you use) must offset the complexity of growth that erodes communication and collaboration that dilutes employee engagement.


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