If you’re investigating the opportunity to become a business coach, you must do signficant due diligence before launching your practices.  There’s lots of opportunities, options, which of course, raises lots of questions about the pros and cons of each alternatives.  In our new ebook “7 Questions You MUST Ask Before Deciding On A Business Coaching Opportunity”, we raise a variety of soul-searching questions for you to investigate.

In this post, we’ll do a deep-dive on Question #2: “What Kind of Revenue Can You Generate As A Business Coach?

Each business coaching opportunity has its own business model (the kind of product or service being offered, and how you are expected to generate revenue from it.) As a point of comparison, the Six Disciplines business model offers a series of packaged services, for example: Strategic Planning, Leadership Workshops, Execution Management, Performance Management, and Performance Review –  each are delivered by the Certified Six Disciplines Business Coach.  Each of these services also has a integrated software component that makes its implementation easier and faster. The result is great revenue potential for the Six Disciplines Coach.  On average, a Six Disciplines coach can generate from $15k to $50k net per client  per year in recurring revenue.

What Kind Of Revenue Can You Generate As A Business Coach? 1

Depending on size of the client, and the number of services engaged per client, the typical Six Disciplines Coach can comfortably serve approximately 10 clients at any one time. Using our business modeling spreadsheet, you can quickly determine that it’s not unreasonable for an experienced Six Disciplines Business Coach to earn $250,000 or even as high as $500,000 per year – on a renewable basis. That coach could be you.

Watch this short video to understand more about the Six Disciplines Business Coach opportunity:

For more information about our business model and access to our modeling spreadsheet, click here to schedule an appointment with a Six Disciplines Corporate Coach.