Becoming excellent – at anything – requires a blend of talent, skill, timing, practice, dedication, passion, and opportunity.

Becoming an excellent business execution coach is a lofty (yet achievable) goal and career choice for a select few. Mastery of business execution processes is one area that needs highly-skilled executives – it’s certainly a profession in which amateurs need not apply.

Many executives arrive at a point in their career when they start to think about helping others benefit from what they’ve learned. After 20+ years of experience, you begin to see fundamentals behind what works and what doesn’t in successful organizations. These insights aren’t necessarily “book smarts” – they’re the result of struggles with critical cash flow concerns, tough people problems, marketing challenges, sales hurdles, growth pains and technology tangles. Regardless of the subject, you’ve learned a lot during your career(s) that you could use to empower others.

If this sounds like you, perhaps you should investigate using the Six Disciplines program to help other organizations achieve greater success – by becoming a Six Disciplines coach.

The most important attribute Six Disciplines coaches share is their passion to help the organizations they serve. All our top coaches had prior careers as CEOs or top-level executives. Because we’re very selective in certifying coaches, there is a special camaraderie based on mutual respect for the depth and breadth of experience each coach brings to the group. This creates an open, sharing community with the common goal of taking care of the customer first.

Our coaches bring this service commitment to every customer engagement, providing objective input to complement internal management and providing a broader perspective than those internal to the organization, who are engaged in the day-to-day operations.

Our coaches have a common goal: become a trusted advisor to our customers by building enduring and evolving relationships.  A lasting relationship can only develop when real value is delivered through a high-trust exchange, achieved the old-fashioned way: through honesty, integrity and hard work. You have to earn the right to ask the hard questions at the right time and to step up as a confidante on private, difficult issues.  As a result our expert coaches build high-quality customer relationships where engagement in the Six Disciplines business execution program is broad, deep and lasting.

The Six Disciplines business coaching opportunity demands a passion for excellence, a commitment to help others succeed, strong work ethics, and persistence.

Six Disciplines offers a proven, results-oriented process for business coach training. Leave a legacy: use what you’ve learned during your career to help other organizations become more successful.

The foundation of the Six Disciplines program is our methodology, which organizes tested and powerfully effective best-practices into a step-by-step approach for crafting strategy and managing business execution. As part of the coach training process, we come along side you and field-certify you in the use of this methodology. This gives you a structured way to help organizations work on their business and it also provides a framework for strengthening your mentoring value.

Not surprisingly, much of what is in the Six Disciplines methodology is common sense and is based on other best-practices (e.g., Baldrige, Six Sigma, Covey, etc.)  So, what makes Six Disciplines different?  The real difference is, we’ve researched, revised, tested, and organized the best of the best practice into one coherent process and repeatable methodology. This streamlines your role as a business execution coach, while lowering the customer’s cost of implementing the Six Disciplines program.

Yet, the Six Disciplines business execution program contains much more than a methodology. Supported by three legs of a “stool”, this methodology is the foundation of a robust business excellence program.

What It Takes to Become an Excellent Business Execution Coach 1


The first leg of the stool is coaching, which includes the coaching you provide to the strategy (leadership) team as well as the internal cascading coaching which you have built and choreographed.

The second leg of the stool is the Six Disciplines software, which provides performance management, goals management, and plan management applications. The software suite streamlines and simplifies the customer’s use of the excellence program by establishing metrics, gathering data and tracking progress.

The third leg is an integrated leadership development program designed for year-round, on-the-job development of leadership competencies, including self-leadership for the customer’s individual employees.

The Six Disciplines methodology, combined with its coaching, software, and leadership development provides a comprehensive platform that is flexible, customizable and thus applicable to a wide range of customers/industries. As a Six Disciplines coach, you’ll have the flexibility to decide what types of customers to serve, what types of industries to focus on, and how many customers you are willing and able to serve.

At Six Disciplines, we’re actively expanding our coaching and consulting network with qualified management consulting and organizational development organizations that have a proven track record for providing strategic, operational, or IT consulting services to their customers.

Are YOU ready to leave a legacy, and make a real difference as a business coach?  Let’s start the conversation TODAY.