So…you’re finally thinking about bringing in a goals management software system to help with your organization’s goal-setting and goal tracking.

Well, congratulations! But… “Not so fast there, Buckeroo!”

Like any new software system selection, whether it’s performance management, organizational excellence, leadership development, human resources, or goals management, you’ll need to go through a rigorous due diligence process, checking out not just the software, but the provider and what services are offered.

Here’s a short list of five tips you should consider while doing your due diligence for selecting goals management software:

1. Understand and appreciate the difference between “goals” and “plans”. 

Setting goals is one thing, and increasingly so, there’s lots of goals management software to evaluate and choose from. The most important requirement, however, that’s missing in the overwhelming majority of goals management software is the concept of “plans” vs. “goals. Setting up goals can be complex in larger organization. But it’s “plan building” that requires a reconciliation of goal priorities and resource allocation – setting up and tracking goals simply isn’t enough.

2. Understand and appreciate the difference between “goal building” and “execution management”.  Unfortunately, many organizations that adopt a goals management software system make naïve assumptions that it magically will solve their strategy execution challenges. Think about what’s really more important: do you want to manage goals, or execution of your strategy?

3. Understand the importance of communication, collaboration and teamwork. When reviewing goals management software, dig deep into how it works to enable and encourage better organizational communication, collaboration, and cooperation. Silos of communication and performance have no place in today’s quickly changing organizations. Today, everything is about teamwork: people working together (both inside and outside the organization) to get the right things done.

4. Understand and appreciate that goals management software (by itself) won’t solve your challenges. Everyone looks for a quick-fix, but just giving software access to people within your organization – without proper training and on-going coaching – will lead to a huge, expensive disaster. While cloud access to goals management software is key, the organizational change process of adopting goals management and plan management is not typically the forte of most HR and training departments. In addition to the software itself, make sure you establish a budget with a certified organization/coach from outside your ecosystem to provide you with the training, support, and on-going coaching about best practices in goals management.

5. Understand and appreciate the fact that “goals management” is not effective as a “point solution”. If solving the challenges of strategy execution were as simple as adopting some goals management software, then everyone would be doing it. It’s just not that simple. While the software is a key component (since everyone needs mobile access to it on any device and any time), you’ll also need to consider the advantages of working with an organization/coach that can provide an integrated leadership development methodology, along with a repeatable strategy execution approach, and an on-going performance management process.  Ignoring these additional key elements – by only focusing on goals management – will prove to be an expensive organizational recipe for dissatisfaction and disappointment.

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