Software Helps Clarify the Goal-Setting Process?

Does the goals software help your organization to agree on how goals are defined and managed, including the overall process and management of strategic plans, departmental plans, individual plans, and cross-functional plans? Is the software flexible enough to accommodate goals, SMART goals, and OKRs, depending on your organizational preference?

Simplicity vs. Goals Gone Wild?

Does the goals software reinforce that simplicity trumps volume? Most organizations create way too many goals, most of which are not well-defined, and many are not at the “vital few” level. Six Disciplines coaches will show you how to boil down your goals list, simplifying the goal-setting and goals management process, so you can sleep better at night.

Are Frequent Reviews and Revisions Supported Across the Entire Organization?

Research confirms that organizations which have developed the discipline of reviewing and revising goals and plans frequently (monthly, quarterly) clearly outperform those that just review annually. Six Disciplines goals management software supports mobile review and real-time revisions to support agile organizations challenged with change management.

Goal-Setting Is One Thing – But What About Plans?

Does your goal software go beyond goal-setting, and accommodate creating plans? Clear goals by themselves are important, but how they manifest themselves into useful plans is overlooked by many goals software “solutions”. With Six Disciplines goals management software, our coaches on-board your organization team-by-team, showing everyone how to create meaningful goals and individual plans.

Software Only – Or Supported by an Organization That Understands the Bigger Picture?

Is your goals software offered “as is”, and you’re left on your own to set it up and use it? Frankly, standalone, self-service goals software does not work “by itself” and it’s much too important of an investment to do it on your own. With Six Disciplines, you have the advantage of engaging professional business coaches trained in strategic planning, goal-setting, planning, and execution – AND with the Six Disciplines goals management software. We’ve witnessed too many organizations that try to do this on their own. Don’t struggle and waste valuable time and money. We’re here to help.