As large numbers of Millennials or Gen Y continue to get absorbed into the workplace, and are groomed into management positions, we’ll be faced with a leadership development crisis we’ve never encountered before.


Surely, generational differences exist, and expectations differ, but here’s some shocking statistics:95% of Millennials surveyed aspire to be leaders in their careers, despite the fact that less than 50% have found leadership roles so far.

    • Based on a sample of 527 U.S. based Millennial professionals, 64%  of those surveyed felt “unprepared” when assuming their leadership roles and report difficulties managing people and resolving conflicts. (Source: The New Leader’s Council and Virtuali report “Engaging Millennials through Leadership Development: Teaching Millennials to lead is the key to talent acquisition, employee engagement and retention.”)
    • Millennials consistently rate leadership development among the most important employee benefits, yet more than 60 % of respondents indicated companies are not providing sufficient leadership training.

So what’s missing?  Where’s the disconnect?

First, it’s vital to recognize that every organization has five key leadership roles that are critical to your success:

The Not-So-Obvious Leadership Development Dilemma: Where's Self-Leadership? 1

Each of these leadership roles has a different set of competencies and traits that are essential, however, they all depend on the self-leadership foundation being present. No one can lead others if they can’t lead themselves.

That’s why the Six Disciplines Leadership Development Program begins with self-leadership, focusing on the “softer” (but critically important skills and traits) like openness, honesty, and emotional intelligence – before we concentrate on helping you to develop advanced best-practices like change management or strategic thinking.

Does it work? See for yourself:

The Not-So-Obvious Leadership Development Dilemma: Where's Self-Leadership? 2

The Not-So-Obvious Leadership Development Dilemma: Where's Self-Leadership? 3

Now, take a look at this short video on Self Leadership, then give us a call at (866) 344-8517 to schedule a Self Leadership Workshop with one of your teams.



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