Occasionally, circumstance and progress in seemingly unrelated areas combine to create an opportunity for solving old problems in new and exciting ways.

One of those breakthrough periods is upon us now, with regard to strategy execution.

This inflection point has developed primarily because large corporations have made huge investments developing best practices for effective management, strong leadership and strategy execution.

Built upon the results of these efforts, we believe the coming Execution Revolution will result in an order-of-magnitude change in cost that will allow small to midsized businesses not only to catch up, but to actually leapfrog, larger organizations in their execution management capabilities.

This is what the Execution Revolution is all about.

Leaders of small and mid-sized businesses now have an opportunity to go from almost no system to a new category in the excellence industry – a complete strategy execution program that puts everything needed for a balanced strategy execution together in one affordable combination.

The business excellence methodology component of this program is detailed in Gary Harpst’s first book, Six Disciplines for Excellence: Building Small Businesses That Learn, Lead and Last.


  • Conditions are currently right to approach strategy execution in a radical new way.
  • Seven key areas of business improvement advancements are fueling the ExecutionRevolution:
    1. Quality Programs2. Business Process Best Practices

    3. Personal Productivity Tools

    4. Business Intelligence

    5. Strategy Formulation

    6. Virtual Community Development

    7. Business Coaching

(Excerpted from Chapter 4, Six Disciplines Execution Revolution, by Gary Harpst)