For organizations to be agile and to perform well, they need to adapt to change. The way to do that is to frequently review and revise your plans. The chart below (citing research from Bersin by Deloitte) clearly indicates organizations that frequently review and revise plans – perform better – SIGNIFICANTLY better. 

The Importance of Agility in Today's Performance Management Culture 1

Now, why is that?  Instead of viewing plans as a rigid thing, (create them once and you’re done), agile organizations view planning and working a plan as an on-going agile process, and it becomes part of their performance management culture. What’s even more striking is that this research essentially screams “You need some sort of systematic way to do that!”

Agile organizations that subscribe to the Six Disciplines Performance Management Program learn to develop rhythms and processes to enable their people to communicate effectively, to perform better, and get more consistent results.

Watch this short video about the importance of agility in organizations:



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