If yours is like most organizations, you’re likely deep into the strategic planning part of your business calendar, planning for next year.

The problem is that most organizations don’t really understand what strategy is -they confuse strategy with continuous improvement. Continuous improvement (while a good thing) is about doing many of the same things your competitors are doing, but trying to do them better or more efficiently.

That  is not strategy – it doesn’t make you different.

A solid strategy is based on being different in a way that’s important to your customers.  So, how do you go about creating strategic clarity for your organization?

Ask yourselves these questions:

1. What will make us different?

2. What do we have a passion for?

3. What will drive our economic engine?

And if you can drill down on those three questions, you’re closer to understanding what strategy is all about, and you’re three steps closer to creating strategic clarity.

That’s the amazing thing about strategy. When you get it right, it’s simple to express, and it unites your people in their engagement and understanding of how their activities relate to executing on that single economic engine.

Strategy is about making choices. It’s about creating trade-offs. It’s about deliberately choosing to bedifferent. Continuous improvement, focusing on operational effectiveness, on the other hand, means performing similar activities to your competitor, but in a way thatbetterthan them. So it’s a very different idea than strategy.

Watch this short video for insights into Creating Strategic Clarity

Does your team need help to answer those three vital questions that will lead to strategic clarity?  Contact us today – it’s what we do best.



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