The critical question for every business leader is, “How do I build an organization that consistently executes its strategy?” Or to rephrase the question using the business excellence model, “How can we spend the maximum amount of time in Quadrant II, balancing the right directional choices with the ability to get there.”

The answer: it takes a complete program. The reasons other approaches do not last is that they are missing key elements. Technology alone is not enough. Training, by itself, is not adequate. Simply reading best-selling books won’t do it. New leadership by itself is not the answer. Retaining better people won’t make the critical difference. Hiring an executive coach by itself will not overcome this challenge. No, the answer lies in taking a more profoundly holistic approach. Our field research has shown us that singular piece-meal approaches just don’t last. Sustainability, the capacity of an organization to maintain the necessary balance between strategy and execution, and doing so while overcoming the Expertise hurdle, economics hurdle, and the Human Nature hurdles, requires a complete program consisting of four tightly-integrated elements.

· A Repeatable Methodology to drive organizational learning and understanding

· Accountability Coaching to nurture and nudge to stay the course

· An Execution System to engage everyone, every day in real-time alignment

· Community Learning to share and reinforce best practices and accelerate learning

Different experts may use alternate terms for these concepts, but rather than fixating on terminology for now, it’s better to focus on understanding the underlying principles.

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