Want stronger leadership at all levels? Want better results from your leadership training investments? What organization couldn’t do better than they have in the past?

In a recent Forbes article “Why Leadership Training Doesn’t Work” the author Aaron Levy, argues correctly that it’s the “structure” of leadership training that consistently fails.  “Most leadership training programs are designed for ease of operational delivery within an organization, not for habit formation. They are event-based trainings, meaning that the training takes place over a day or two.”

Forget all the failed “experiments” with leadership training – and go with a proven approach.  Finally, you can enroll your employees in a leadership workshop that introduces proven, best-practices and competencies. Following the workshop, participants in the Performance Management Program learn how to apply those principles every day, in real, on-the-job situations. No more attending a leadership training workshop to realize a year later – that nothing has changed.

Be intentional about building purpose-driven leadership competencies that are vital for success

Your organization has five key leadership roles that are critical to your success:

The Challenge Of Training Purpose-Driven Leaders 1

How do we make leadership training competencies into everyday habits for your purpose-driven leaders?

Here’s how Six Disciplines is different:

    • We’ll enroll your workgroups as a team, so they learn together
    • We’ll benchmark your organization’s leadership proficiency – before the workshop (so you can measure progress)
    • We’ll show you how to set a specific goal that will be measured over the year – BEFORE the workshop is over
    • We’ll enroll your teams in our Performance Management Program
    • We’ll show you how to consistently review performance and leadership progress in weekly and quarterly check-ins
    • We’ll measure organizational leadership proficiency and competency through benchmarking annually

Before you commit to investing in a leadership training program this year, compare your options to what Six Disciplines offers.



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