What most business leaders think their greatest challenge is, isn’t.

And whatever their problems are today, they’ll be different tomorrow and they will be bigger too.
There is one business problem that if solved, will make solving all other problems easier.
This foundational challenge is executing strategy.
In other words, building an organization that has the ability to plan and execute, while at the same time, overcoming the inevitable surprises in business. This is the biggest and toughest challenge in business.


  • The biggest problem in business is not what most business leaders think it is.
  • The biggest challenge is not the issue at hand. Planning and execution while at the same time dealing with the unknowns of the real world, is the biggest challenge in business.
  • Focus on solving the problem that makes all the other problems soluble.
  • Developing and executing a strategy that’s balance in growth and profitability is extremely difficult and is therefore rare.
  • Execution is considered by most business leaders and researchers as a universalchallenge.

(Excerpted from Chapter 2, Six Disciplines Execution Revolution, by Gary Harpst)



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