From the new landmark research study recently released from Six Disciplines, and detailed in this 30-page research paper, “7 Key Findings About What Employees Say Drives Performance and Engagement“, survey results find that the #2 influencer driving employee engagement is “an organization that cares about me”.

The #2 Influencer Driving Employee Engagement - An Organization That Cares About Me 1

A Self-Leader’s Perspective On Employee Engagement

A self-leader is someone who leads themselves but does not manage others. This is not about self-centeredness; it’s more
about purpose, and understanding how one’s role fits within an organization.  Item 3 in the above infographic indicates self-leaders want to care about the organization they work for, as well. Item 5 indicates self-leaders want to be around others
who care, and are enthusiastic and engaged in their roles.

The Bottom Line: People want and need to be part of an organization that has purpose; they want to be part of something that matters.



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