Ah…it’s almost the time to ring in 2017, time to make those New Year’s resolutions!

But consider these facts about personal resolutions: 

  • 50% of all Americans set themselves one (or more) New Year’s resolutions.
  • Close to 90% of all those set resolutions from half of America – fail.That’s 156 million failed resolutions!

What you need to stick to your New Year’s resolutions is willpower, yet time and time again, we prove to ourselves we just don’t have what it takes.  Why are we failing?

The whole idea around New Year’s resolutions is that people aren’t picking specific behaviors, they’re picking abstractions (e.g. “I want to be a stronger athlete”, “a more successful salesperson”, etc.)

The problem is clear: abstract goals not tied to a specific behavior is nearly impossible for your brain to focus on. Instead, the key is to make any personal goal a habit first, and do it incrementally, so the habit is easier to achieve.

But what about business resolutions?  Are business resolutions REALLY any different than personal goals?

What are you going to do to make 2017 the BEST possible year for your business?

First, start with an agreed-upon short list of the top 3 “game changers” that will make a REAL difference in your business.  Any more than 3 ideas, and we’re back to being overloaded, and our organizational brain “shuts down” – and nothing changes.

Second, break down these game changers into small, achievable increments (goals, OKRs, whatever you want to call them), so you have a clear understanding of what needs to occur to make them happen.

Third, commit to them – hold yourself (and your co-workers) accountable for the changes that need to occur. How? Write them down, make them visible and very transparent in your organization so there is no doubt what the goals are and who’s responsible for making them happen.

The #1 New Year’s Resolution for Your Business? Start with REAL Performance Management 1

Finally, frequently revisit the chosen goals, monitor individual and team performance, change what needs to change, celebrate the small victories along the way, and recognize and give positive feedback about progress and performance.

Want to get off to a great start for 2017?  Learn more about Performance Management from Six Disciplines.



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