A process to clarify your strategy for everyone in your organization.

Do you struggle with strategy?

  • Have you been through a strategic planning process with little real change?
  • Are your mission, values, and vision played out in the daily actions of your teams?
  • Do your front-line leaders understand your unique strategy?
  • Are you growing and want better communication of your vision?


Discipline I guides your team through a series of best practices to develop, commit to, and communicate your strategic vision. Here are all the questions you will answer:

  1. Mission   |  What is our enduring purpose?
  2. Values   |  What is our character?
  3. Market Analysis   |  What does our market require?
  4. Competitive Analysis  |  How well is the market served?
  5. Vision Focus  |  What will we be best at?
  6. Strategic Themes   |   What will we invest in to deliver our difference?
  7. Scorecard: Growth Strategy   |   How will the organization grow?
  8. Scorecard: Customer Focus   |   How do we maintain a healthy focus on our customers?
  9. Scorecard: Operational Effectiveness   |  What must we be good at to operate effectively?
  10. Scorecard: People Focus   |   How do we focus on our employees?
Strategic Vision 1

Collaboration Software
making DI: Strategic Vision work

Get your strategy’s goals and projects into Six Disciplines’ software so your entire organization can align their work to it.

  • Collaboration exercises
  • Dashboards
  • Visible, one-page plan

Strategic Vision 2

Continuous Leader Development
training on DI: Strategic Vision

Strategic Vision 3

Our Strategic Vision Workshop brings a powerful strategy planning process to your top leaders.

  • Strategic question exercises
  • Gain agreement on Mission, Values, and Vision
  • Build a Strategy Scorecard
  • Great opportunity to develop junior leaders’ strategic thinking

Ongoing Coaching
reinforcing DI: Strategic Vision

Strategic Vision 4

Our experienced coaches do more than get you off to a great start with the strategic planning process. They stick with you, consistently joining you onsite to encourage, support, and hold you accountable as you execute your plan.

  • Workshop facilitation
  • Software setup
  • Project management

As a sample, watch the opening video of our Strategic Vision Workshop.