Most organizations come to Six Disciplines® to ask for help to “fix a problem” they’re experiencing. Some organizations already have a clear strategy but aren’t satisfied with the execution of their strategy. Perhaps there are teamwork dynamics that have broken down, or communication is not effective, and the result is a lot of firefighting, blame, and finger-pointing.

The Six Disciplines program helps clarify your organization’s goals and priorities, reestablishes teamwork, builds accountability, and brings about positive change in the way your organization performs. Our experienced business coaches are trained to work with teams and individuals to identify and remove barriers to success.

Unlike typical management consultants, Six Disciplines is very different. We’re experienced business coaches, with top-flight experts in strategy, execution, performance management, goals management, and leadership development.

Over the past 15 years, we’ve helped many organizations – from Fortune 500 divisions – to middle-market businesses, across many different industries. Now, we’re ready to help you with your business execution challenges.

Find out what makes Six Disciplines different by watching this short video:

Let’s begin the conversation about helping YOUR organization be the best it can be in 2017 – starting with strategic planning services from Six Disciplines.