Solomon Cloud Solutions, a sister company of Beyond Software and Six Disciplines announces the availability of NEW Web Apps Customization Services for the Microsoft Dynamics SL product. Solomon Cloud Solutions’ years of experience creating software at and for Microsoft, enables them to customize web apps that align closely with the Microsoft Software Development Life Cycle and development best practices. You provide the web app customization requirements, Solomon Cloud Solutions will create the solution.

Solomon Cloud Solutions is the leading source for Microsoft Dynamics Partners needing a variety of development, support and training services to manage their organization’s growth proactively. Their expertise and certifications with Microsoft technologies and industry standard tools sets them apart. Solomon Cloud Solutions’ development engineers will solve the diverse Microsoft Dynamics SL Web Apps customization demands of your clients.

Solomon Cloud Solutions is a software publisher and consulting organization that provides development and consulting services to partners. Solomon Cloud Solutions was formed specifically to develop a complete cloud platform to accelerate development and deployment of their cloud based business solutions across their family of companies and their business partners. The Solomon Cloud Solutions companies operate under the brand names of Six Disciplines – publisher of performance management software, methodology and coaching and Beyond Software – publisher of project accounting software and are owned by Gary Harpst, Vernon Strong and Jack Ridge.