Six Disciplines Corporation today released Six Disciplines Edition III, the next generation of its complete business excellence program.
“Every organization has the same basic challenge: to figure out where you want to go and engage everyone to get there,” said Gary Harpst, CEO and Founder of Six Disciplines. “Over the years, we’ve had great success with the top leaders of organizations. We’ve helped them to formulate strategy and manage execution.  Our new edition optimizes engagement for everyone in the organization. Top performance requires that there be no exceptions. Building effective organizations requires a mindset that everyone matters whether they’re administrative, professional, or production workers,” added Harpst.

“To engage everyone requires a proven process supported by leadership development, mobile software and on-site coaching,” adds Jim Bendt, VP of Partner Services. “We integrate these elements to make them easier to learn and to create a lasting culture of organizational excellence.”
The new Six Disciplines Methodology is the heart of our program. It is a question-based methodology that incorporates over 70 best-practices into six organizational disciplines:

  • I Strategic Vision
  • II Strategic Change Management
  • III Operational Alignment,
  • IV Teamwork Driven Execution
  • V Continuous Improvement
  • VI Organizational Development Assessment.

Six Disciplines Introduces Next Generation Excellence Program Optimized for Employee Engagement 1

The methodology has been enhanced to drive team-based implementation, now including an extended focus on frontline workers.

The Six Disciplines methodology is supported by our team-based coaching model. In this model, our external professional coaches guide senior leadership. Based on our past 15 years of successful experience with small and midsized organizations, sustaining high performance requires someone external to the team to provide perspective and accountability. In addition, our coaches guide internal coaches that have been certified on the Six Disciplines program.

Six Disciplines Introduces Next Generation Excellence Program Optimized for Employee Engagement 2

The methodology is also supported by our on-the-job leadership development program, which focuses on five leadership roles:

  • Self-leadership
  • Functional leadership
  • Change leadership
  • Cross-functional leadership
  • Strategic leadership.

Six Disciplines Introduces Next Generation Excellence Program Optimized for Employee Engagement 3

Each of these leadership development programs begins with a with an intense, hands-on 1-day workshop. What makes our approach to leadership development training unique is what happens after the workshop. Each participant is enrolled in our performance management program to assure that the principles covered in the workshop are reinforced and progress is measured throughout the year.

Unlike other programs, the Six Disciplines methodology, coaching, and leadership development programs are all supported by our suite of cloud-based, mobile performance management software. The new Six Disciplines edition includes a complete suite of integrated, cloud-based, mobile performance management software apps:

  • Plan Manager
  • Dashboard Manager
  • Meeting Manager
  • Collaboration Manager
  • Action Manager
  • Survey Manager
  • Check-in Manager

Six Disciplines Introduces Next Generation Excellence Program Optimized for Employee Engagement 4

What makes Six Disciplines unique is that all these separate elements are combined into one complete program so that they reinforce each other. The benefit is easier implementation and lasting performance effectiveness.

Finally, the pricing and packaging of our program is optimized to engage the entire organization, from top to bottom, which provides a variety of entry points, using a team-by-team implementation model. We find that some customers want to start with getting a performance management foundation in place, while others want to start with an updated strategy, and then equip everyone to align to that strategy. Some start with leadership development with performance management as the next step.  If your organization is not sure where to begin, we offer a Best Practice Assessment program to identify opportunities for improvement, providing you with a compass for continual improvement.

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About Six Disciplines

Six Disciplines is an excellence program for the mid-market that focuses on building organizations that execute their strategy. Six Disciplines uses a team-driven methodology supported by coaching, performance management software, and leadership development to grow an agile, aligned and action-oriented culture.