For many of us, Microsoft Outlook has become the central place where work is received, managed and delegated. On any given day, your inbox may be suffering from information overload, but Six Disciplines offers a practical way to make sense of it all. Since most of us “live in Outlook” all day, every day, why not manage both your professional and personal life there too?

The Six Disciplines total performance excellence program includes a powerful software add-in to Outlook.

It’s really a major change of “how we view email” – a change in perspective that is liberating. While most of us view our inbox as a string of isolated communications, Six Disciplines significantly enhances Outlook, giving it a much greater purpose.

Six Disciplines extends Outlook’s usefulness, and makes it easier for you and everyone in your organization to:

  • Craft strategy
  • Set meaningful goals
  • Build solid plans, initiatives, and projects
  • Organize resources
  • Manage performance
  • Align activities
  • Measure results
  • Manage emails and attachments – in context
  • Track time
  • Reduce meeting time
  • Streamline communications
  • …and execute more effectively.

Since Six Disciplines is built inside of Outlook, it’s already familiar, easy to learn, and intuitive. In addition to your email, calendar and tasks, you’ll be able to move seamlessly between your desktop, laptop and smartphone, for access to Goals, Action Items, and Outlook Tasks.

The Six Disciplines Outlook add-in software is not sold separately – it’s only available as an integrated component of the Six Disciplines total performance excellence program.

If your organization is committed and ready to take the next step in your performance excellence journey, we invite you to complete this form to schedule a custom demonstration of the Six Disciplines Outlook software add-in.