Findlay, Oh August 5, 2016

The Six Disciplines Check-in Manager replaces the dreaded “once and done” annual performance review. The annual review involves figuring out what the reviewee did in the past year. It results in wasted time and energy looking back, not forward.

In their 2016 Predictions for Talent Management, Bersin Research Reports states “[the] rush to replace and reengineer performance managements systems will accelerate around the world.” Check-in Manager is a key part of the Six Disciplines plan to help mid-sized companies find better ways to manage talent.

Check-in Manager concludes the continuous feedback process that happens between team leader and team member all year. Because feedback flows in real-time between leader and member during the year, the check-in focuses mostly on the future.

Jim Bendt, senior Six Disciplines coach states: “With Check-in Manager my clients can easily review information from the past year. They can also gather peer feedback from the Six Disciplines multi-rater process. The workflow management makes this process easy for both HR and managers to known where everyone is in this process.”

Six Disciplines is an excellence program for the mid-market. The program helps organizations execute their strategy. It uses a team-driven approach aided by coaching, performance management software, and leadership development. These tools promote an agile, aligned, and action-oriented culture.

Six Disciplines was started in 2001 by the founders of Solomon Software, a mid-market ERP system. For more information regarding performance management processes and software, contact Six Disciplines directly.


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