A recent Harvard Business Review study found that 71 percent of executives rank employee engagement as very important to achieving organizational success. Yet, only 24 percent said their employees were highly engaged. This differential describes “the engagement gap,” and companies worldwide are clambering to find effective ways to close the gap.

Purpose-driven organizations are built around purpose-driven leaders. At the heart of a purpose-driven organization are leaders who understand the importance of employee engagement, and how to relate personal and organizational purpose with improved performance. 

What today’s purpose-driven leaders must do is to transform the way people engage their hearts and minds in shared purpose, resulting in greater fulfillment and better organization performance

Given that newer generations have expressed their desire for meaningful work, it is incumbent on leaders at every level in the organization to develop new skills and tools to be effective in this new era – the future of work.

The former “command and control” hierarchical management methods are no longer suited for the challenges of the future of work. Today, every pillar of the traditional organization is now in a state of constant change, as was brilliantly depicted by Tanmay Vora.

Purpose-Driven Organizations And The Future Of Work 1

It is not enough for next generation management systems to just automate and streamline processes – and expect that a new purpose-driven organization will be the “result”. The necessity and real challenge is equipping leaders to transform organizational culture and the future of work to one of engaging everyone to maximize and align their potential to shared purpose. Software systems and automated processes cannot do that on a sustainable basis – only people can.

That’s why Six Disciplines is so focused on developing purpose-driven leaders.

How do we know it works? You can be assured it works for four reasons:

1.  Our approach has been field-proven in over 150 client organizations since 2001 – across all major industries.
2.  Our clients loyalty and satisfaction with Six Disciplines is, on average, 7 years – and is increasing year-over-year.

3.  Our guarantee to our clients is that the process, ongoing coaching, and cloud-based software simply works. Period. We have no long-term contracts.

4.  Independent research of more than 2,400 organizations world-wide confirms that systematic management approaches in general work, IF they are fully implemented.

The question is not whether a holistic management system (like Six Disciplines) works. The question is whether your organization can implement such a system in a lasting way, to help prepare your purpose-driven leaders to engage employees meaningfully, so they can embrace the future of work – today.



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