There’s one essential aspect of leadership training that most organizations overlook.

It’s how the training is delivered.

Consider this:  The majority of leadership training programs are designed for convenience, not necessarily for measurable results. Most are training “events” – a day-long workshop here, a half-day off-site there. 

In traditional leadership training workshops, you learn (or re-learn) a handful of useful leadership tips, tricks techniques, perhaps even a few “gold nuggets” and wisdom handed down from the trainers. The inherent problem is you’d really like to put this new knowledge to work immediately – but you go back to work, and in the inevitable happens: nothing really changes. Your behaviors remain essentially the same.

After a few weeks or months, you’re fortunate if you remember the essential leadership tips you learned, let alone how to put them into practice. While the structure and delivery of the leadership training may have been convenient, it’s not optimized for learning retention and putting the knowledge to work in a practical on-the-job environment.

For any leadership behavior change to occur, consider this simple equation:

knowledge + practice + measurement = improved leadership behaviors

While the content from the leadership training workshop may have been excellent, the presenters may have been top-notch, but the element of “practice” (repetition over time) needs to take place. Leadership skills must be practiced to make them habits. But knowledge plus practice only takes you so far. You’ll need to take baseline measurements of leadership skills in order to see and quantify actual leadership learning and behavior have changed over time.

Organizational change (and indeed, cultural change) can only occur when the attitudes and behaviors of individual leaders change and become habits.

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