Congratulations!  You’ve decided to take the plunge and dedicate a portion of your continuous improvement initiatives this year to leadership development.

Before you begin your research and the vetting process of endless leadership development options, we want to save you both time AND money. And more importantly, we want to make sure you finally get RESULTS from your investment.

Our advice? Quit sending your employees to seemingly endless leadership workshops, only to realize a year later, that nothing has changed. Forget about all of the failed “experiments” you’ve had in the past with leadership development books, and courses, and go with a proven approach, with REAL year-round results.

Finally, you can enroll your employees in a leadership workshop that introduces proven best practices and competencies. After the intial workshop, participants learn how to apply the principles learned every day, in real, on-the-job situations, and leadership development progress is measured, much like performance management, every month, every quarter, every year – on multiple fronts. In essence, we turn your 1-day leadership workshop into year-round results. 

So, how is Six Disciplines’ approach to leadership development different? Because we recognize your organization has five key leadership roles that are critical to your success:

Next-Generation Leadership Development Training: When Does The REAL Work Begin? 1

As you can see, each of these leadership roles has a different set of competencies that are essential, and they all depend on the self-leadership foundation being present. No one can lead others if they can’t lead themselves.

That’s why the Six Disciplines leadership development program begins with self-leadership, focusing on skills like openness, honesty, and emotional intelligence – before we concentrate on advanced best-practices like strategic thinking or change management.

Next, we work with your organization on workgroup skills, such as functional leadership (think: departments), or change leadership (projects). After these more granular concentrations, we’re ready to work with you on enterprise-wide leadership skills, like the toughest one: strategy formulation and execution.

Much like the demise of the annual performance appraisal as the only measure of individual performance management, it’s the end of the line for “one time and your done” leadership training seminars.

During our leadership development workshops, you’re introduced to a 6-step team engagement process. However, after the workshop, the most IMPORTANT aspect is that the workgroup leader and members are provided coaching and software tools to help apply this model – every day.

Next-Generation Leadership Development Training: When Does The REAL Work Begin? 2

It “looks” complex, but it’s really not at all. It quickly becomes part of your organization’s fabric, and it becomes a measurable cycle of continuous improvement for leadership development.

Does it work?

Next-Generation Leadership Development Training: When Does The REAL Work Begin? 3



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