With more than 50 percent of the workforce soon to be millennials, you’d think our organizations would be better prepared. Yet, it seems the media gives millennials a bad rap every at every opportunity. But did you know?

In a landmark study published in the Harvard Business Review, 1,400 millennials surveyed said they crave – and respond to – a good, positive coach, who can make all the difference in their success.

You heard that right, they want more feedback from their managers.

According to the study, most millennials want feedback at least monthly, whereas non-Millennials are comfortable with feedback less often. Overall, millennials want feedback 50% more often than other employees. They also told us that their number one source of development is their manager, but only 46% agreed that their managers delivered on their expectations for feedback.

And, millennials want to be coached for their own personal development, not necessarily more managerial direction. Millennials want to be coached AND they want to lead in the workplace.

So, as a manager/leader, your role needs to expand BEYOND your daily managerial and supervisory duties to include coaching.

Are you prepared? Being a coach is, well, very DIFFERENT from being a manager/supervisor. Successful leaders already understand that.

Coaching is not about telling your coworkers what to do and teaching them exactly how to do it – it’s about helping them learn problem-solving and creative solutions to tough problems . It’s about building strong, trusting relationships. It’s about inspiring and encouraging them to be better each day. And finally, it’s about helping them understand it’s not activities, it’s results that count.

Six Disciplines includes both leadership development training and teaches productive coaching skills.

Is it time for your organization to step up and learn more about how to work with millennials, and how to coach them (not just manage them)? Perhaps it’s time for you to start a conversation with Six Disciplines?



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