Most professionals who decide on a career move as a business coach, struggle at one point or another to find the right balance between efficiency, methodology, support, and client face time. While interacting with your clients is critical to your success, it’s equally important that the tools and methodology you use adds value to your business coaching practice. 

To appreciate the opportunity and challenges, you’ll need to understand the pros and cons of three basic business models for business coaching:
1. Learn-As-You-Go
2. Franchise
3. Certification Programs

Learn As You Go

You decide to go solo and develop your own methodologies, processes, management tools, and performance benchmarking on the fly. You soon learn that recreating the wheel with every new client is not an efficient way to manage a business. As a result, you decide to investigate methods, tools and back-end support that will streamline the process. Unfortunately, this trial and error process takes time – usually, more time than you can afford. – time away from interacting with your clients. 


This approach involves investing in and joining an established business coaching franchise organization. This gives you access to their methodologies, templates and back-end support. However, the challenge is that templates don’t always fit all circumstances, industries, client types, and performance management tools. If you really want to build your own brand, and become known for your own skills, expertise and accomplishments, then franchising is not for you.  

Certification Programs

You decide to become certified in one or several aspects of business coaching, and there are many. You complete the training, use the provided study materials, participate in workshops, and earn the certification. But what do you do next? Does this certification make you a successful coach, able to create replicable processes and sustain a lucrative business model?

What Elements Are Missing in YOUR Business Coaching Model?

What about mobile software, a proven methodology, and support? Does the software you use in your coaching practice integrate strategy, planning, actions, check-ins, meetings, surveys, brainstorming?  

So many questions – so little time! 

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