Six Disciplines is a focused, systematic approach for strategy execution, designed to target and correct specific organizational performance management challenges.

Most organizations come to Six Disciplines to ask for help to “fix a specific problem” they’re experiencing. Sometimes, it’s a strategy issue, other times, it’s growth or leadership challenges.

However, unlike typical management consultants, Six Disciplines is very different. We’re experienced business coaches, with top-flight experts in strategy, execution, performance management, goals management, leadership development – and productivity software to make it all work together.

Over the past 15 years, we’ve helped many organizations – from Fortune 500 divisions – to middle-market organizations, across many different industries. Now, we’re ready to help you with your business execution challenges. Look through the scenarios below – if you can identify with any of them – let’s start the dialog – today!

Experiencing Stagnating Growth?

Often times, organizations grow for a period of years, plateau at a certain level, and can’t seem to break through. We help these organizations identify barriers, and develop a clear strategy and plans for executing a way to break through those barriers and reestablish growth.

Leadership Transition Challenges?

Sometimes, leadership changes involve generational changes in family-owned businesses, or new leaders come into the organization from the outside. Regardless of the reason, the Six Disciplines execution program helps employees to come together and figure out where they want to go next. We help you to establish the new direction and leadership for getting there. Six Disciplines helps new leaders to understand that a top priority is to build trust and refocus the team on a clear, updated direction.

Strategy Execution/Operational Challenges?

Some organizations already have a clear strategy but aren’t satisfied with the execution of their strategy. Perhaps there are teamwork dynamics that have broken down, or communication is not effective, and the result is a lot of firefighting, blame, and finger-pointing. The Six Disciplines execution program helps clarify your organization’s goals and priorities, reestablishes teamwork, builds accountability, and brings about positive change in the way your organization performs. Our experienced business coaches are trained to work with teams and individuals to identify and remove barriers to success.

Experiencing Growth Pains?

Growth is a great problem to have, but it brings its own set of problems. Growth eventually causes all organizations to outgrow their own ability to execute. Growth increases headcount which leads to increased communication complexity. If your organization is experiencing moderate (or even hyper-growth), you can engage Six Disciplines to put in place the processes and performance management software to keep your strategy current and execution on track – even as your organization becomes bigger and more complex.

Any of these scenarios above “ring a bell” for you? If so – let’s start the dialog – today!



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