Everyone has a built-in desire to “win” in life. To unlock potential requires helping individuals connect their unique abilities to meaningful work. Research shows that for many millennials, the larger purpose of the organization they work in is as important as compensation.  Unlocking the potential in an organization can only be done by the people in it. This kind of transformation happens one team at a time, and starts when the team leader develops the desire and decides to change.

Purpose-Driven Organizations are Built Around Purpose-Driven Leaders

The next generation Six Disciplines Management System equips leaders at every level to be more effective, making a purpose-driven leader’s job easier. We make your leaders’ jobs easier by offering software designed and embedded with proven best practices from our organization engagement methodology AND our leadership development program. The combined effect is a streamlined way for leaders to coach and connect people to purpose in their everyday work.

To simplify life for leaders, we include several solutions that are often implemented separately. Our management system includes an excellence framework, leader development, ongoing, onsite coaching, and mobile software in one integrated management system. And, our services can be implemented in any order. 

How To Build A Purpose-Driven Organization - One Step At A Time 1

How to begin? One suggestion – schedule the 1-day “Building Purpose-Driven Organizations” workshop, where we engage up to 30 of your top leaders by analyzing Best Practice Assessment results in small cross functional groups, prioritize opportunities for improvement, and build the commitment to change among leaders.



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