The first quarter of 2017 is in the books. How are you doing so far with your toughest organizational challenges? 

Maybe it’s leadership development training? Or engaging your employees by using the latest in performance management software? Perhaps you’ve decided to face the toughest challenge of all: by adopting and implementing a strategy execution program?

No doubt about it, each of the challenges mentioned above are tied to each other, and are critical to your organization’s success, growth, and competitive positioning within your industry.

It’s no longer a secret that most organization struggle with strategy execution. McKinsey research tells us, for example, that 70 percent of change efforts fall short of desired results.

How Strategy Execution Trends Are Evolving in 2017 1
Let’s take a quick look at how the process of “strategy execution” is evolving, and what trends you need to be aware of going forward.

1. As organizations learn to become more agile and responsive, the need for organization-wide leadership development is changing and evolving to keep pace. Strategy implementation is facilitated by individuals who are trained to understand the leadership roles they have.

How Strategy Execution Trends Are Evolving in 2017 2

2. New skill sets need to be acquired by today’s mobile workforce for better transparency, collaboration, such as by using the newest tools in brainstorming.

3. Execution is a people problem, not a strategy problem. “To deliver stellar results, people need to be hyper-aligned and laser-focused on the highest-impact actions that will drive the organization’s most important outcomes.”

How Strategy Execution Trends Are Evolving in 2017 3

4. Organizational alignment and employee engagement can be significantly enhanced by consistent use of agile performance management software and processes, that connect each person with their goals, plans, and responsibilities – every day.

How Strategy Execution Trends Are Evolving in 2017 4

5. Building a clear strategy is significantly accelerated by engaging professionally-certified strategy team coaches.

How Strategy Execution Trends Are Evolving in 2017 5