Unlike many innovation tools and processes that have come and gone, the simple yet brilliant process of brainstorming has had staying power since it was first developed back in the early 1940s.

What’s needed by today’s purpose-driven leaders is a next-generation way to conduct brainstorming sessions to generate ideas (and solve problems) that takes advantage of the latest brainstorming techniques:

    • Eliminates the need for flip charts, Post-It Notes, and whiteboards
    • Accesses brainstorming ideas from any device (desktops, smartphones, tablets)
    • Enables in-house and remote teams to participate in brainstorming in real-time
    • Automatically collects each person’s perspective and views
    • Supports online voting, which ensures team alignment and helps eliminate the dreaded “groupthink” deadlock
    • Enables purpose-driven leaders to agree on priorities – faster!

A cautionary word about groupthink.  Groupthink occurs when a team or organization become so similar in their outlook that they lose the ability to be creative in their brainstorming and decision-making. The result is an environment where perspectives aren’t challenged. According to the Forbes article: “Some employees may even feel uncomfortable offering thoughts outside “the norm,” and over time, products or services may weaken with the narrowed thinking that groupthink creates.”

This is 2018!  Throw away the white boards and Post-It Notes!  Download the new app from Six Disciplines called “RightPage” – a brainstorming app with a difference.

Free access to this game-changing brainstorming web app is now available .



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