In a recent Inc. Magazine article “Yes, There Are Rules to Leadership Excellence. Here’s the Short List”, the noted leadership development author Marla Tabaka offered guidelines detailing how leadership development is evolving.

Even the most recent Sherpa’s 2017 Executive Coaching Research report points out that “In the first Executive Coaching Survey, published in 2006, behavioral problems were a big part of the rationale for executive coaching. Now, the emphasis has clearly moved to something different: leadership development.

At Six Disciplines, we understand how important leadership development training will be in 2018, and how your organization will benefit. And we’re not referring to the old-school, “command and control” leadership training methods.  We’re talking about new, agile leadership development techniques, which will show you how to build a year-round learning culture by building leadership competencies, and learning how to apply them everyday.  We’ll also show you how to use integrated software tools that challenge everyone to lead and manage proactively every day.

Watch this short video: “The 5 Roles of Leadership” 

How do we make leadership training competencies into everyday habits for your organization? Here’s how Six Disciplines is different:

    • We turn your 1-day leadership workshop into year-round results
    • We’ll enroll your workgroups as a team, so they learn together
    • We’ll benchmark your organization’s leadership proficiency – before the workshop (so you can measure progress)
    • We’ll show you how to set a specific goal that will be measured over the year – BEFORE the workshop is over
    • We’ll enroll your teams in our Performance Management Program
    • We’ll show you how to consistently review performance and leadership progress in weekly and quarterly check-ins
    • We’ll measure organizational leadership proficiency and competency through benchmarking annually

Let’s start the conversation TODAY, so you’ll be ready to start the new year with a competitive advantage: leadership development training the produces results – every day.



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