“Execution is taking precedence over profit and top-line growth as a focus for CEOs around the world. This is according to a global survey of 769 global chief executives from 40 countries, which was released by The Conference Board in October of 2007. When asked to rate their greatest concerns from among 121 different challenges, these chief executives chose excellence of execution as their top challenge and keeping consistent execution of strategy by top management as their third greatest concern.

A final argument that execution is business’ biggest challenge is the growth of the business improvement industry itself. As business leaders, we’re voracious seekers of business improvement ideas in the form of conferences, books, blogs, and training. We want our performance to be better, and we know it should be better”

Six Disciplines Execution Revolution by Gary Harpst.

Six Disciplines’ Performance Excellence Program has been able to successfully help many companies solve their execution problems.



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