The amazing reality of creation is that it is made up 98% of two atoms. And the magnificent variety of what we see around us is the result of those atoms being assembled in different ways but held together by electromagnetism (and three other forces).

A question every leader should consider is what is it that holds our organizations together. Organizations are made up of people (not atoms) and the effectiveness of the organization depends on the how the people are aligned and relate to each other. So, what is it that holds people in relation to each other?

The Bible clearly answers this question. People are held together by shared purpose and by a specific kind of love (not sexual nor friendship) but an ‘other focused’ kind of love where we do what’s best for other people regardless of whether they deserve it or not. The Bible refers to it as a supernatural type of love. And its source is God Himself.

There are about 800,000 words in the Bible and yet Jesus says that all those words can be summed up by “love God with all your heart and love your neighbor as you love yourself.”. Leadership of self and of others starts with understanding that this is what holds organizations together.



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