What is the difference between a business coach and a consultant?

A consultant completes projects for you based on their own technical expertise. Often, a consultant will provide suggestions and direction for what needs to be fixed, however, rarely will they help the business leader actually implement the fix.

A business coach guides you in growing your business:

  • Business coaches provide business leaders with awareness, education, and accountability through regularly scheduled coaching sessions and other proven, best-practices business performance tools.
  • Instead of getting paid for billable hours or project work like consultants, business coaches get paid for the value they deliver to clients.
  • Business coaches help business owners become aware of their blind spots, and leads them to discover the possibilities in their business.
  • Business coaches provide information to help build business best practices and close the gaps and accountability to meet performance objectives.

BOTTOMLINE: Not every business needs a consultant, but EVERY business needs a business coach.