There are a lot of different “brands” of performance excellence programs available: Baldrige, Six Sigma, Lean, and yes, that includes Six Disciplines.

The real question is, do they really work?

Two researchers (Hendricks and Singal), conducted an in-depth study over 10 years, involving 600 organizations across 50 different industries, that were using, implementing, or practicing some type of excellence program.  They compared these organizations to 600 that were not implementing excellence programs.

Their findings were very profound.

First, the researchers proved that excellence programs (regardless of brand) do indeed work. The key is that your organization must commit to it, use it, and put it into practice continuously. Those that did commit to using an excellence program outperformed those that didn’t by a 2:1 factor, in terms of revenue and earnings growth over a five-year period after implementation.

Do Performance Excellence Programs REALLY Work? 1

Excellence programs, like fitness programs (e.g. Weight Watchers), only work when you commit to them, use them, and put them into practice over the long-term.  “Sticking to it” is the key, and we understand how challenging that can be.

Watch this short video, and ask yourself – is an excellence program right for you? Are you willing to make a commitment to making it work over the long-term?  Then contact us, and we’ll put you in touch with some of our customers who can tell you why an excellence program like Six Disciplines, is the best choice they could have made.



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