The Six Disciplines Solution

By implementing the Six Disciplines Total Performance Excellence program, Hollington says it allows CapitalWorks the ability to have a productive owner/manager relationship without micromanaging each acquisition.

Six Disciplines’ program combines continuous business improvement methodology based on proven best-practices, an innovative add-in for Microsoft Outlook, and coaching services to increase self-leadership effectiveness. One of the initial steps in the Six Disciplines process is analysis of the Business Performance Assessment (BPA) service. BPA is one of the most powerful methods available for determining an organization’s health and planning for improvement. It brings clarity about the performance of an organization; identifies strengths and “at risk” areas; and gives immediate focus and attention to a problem area that needs to be fixed and a way to correct the issue. CapitalWorks companies have seen a significant increase in each organization’s level of performance excellence.

Eric Kurjan, President of Six Disciplines, said BPA maps directly to the Malcolm Baldridge Quality Award Performance Excellence criteria and is the quickest, most effective way for a leadership team to rate its organization’s performance on the dimensions of: leadership/culture; strategy; customer focus; measurement/results; people; process; and key metrics.

In all seven categories, Bluffton Motor Works has seen a marked improvement. One of the largest areas of growth is the key measurables category where Bluffton scored a 13 in 2010 and is now at 40 out of a possible 60 score. In the leadership area, Bluffton currently achieves a 23 out of a maximum 25 score. Prior to starting the program, Bluffton scored at 15.

Measuring Success

Kurjan says the BPA allows for immediate outcomes by identifying strengths and weaknesses as the process identifies priority areas for improvement. After identifying the shortcomings, those areas are prioritized and solutions determined.

While Bluffton Motor Works has several years of data to analyze and measure results, the other CapitalWorks companies-KKSP, Gallo and Magna-Tech-are in the beginning stages of the process, but have already seen a steady climb in numbers.

For Hollington, the proof of the importance of Six Disciplines philosophy is easy to measure.

“The difference between Six Disciplines and other strategy consulting firms is their focus on execution and accountability. They achieve this through their software tool that creates a management tool to track progress and their ongoing coaching. This keeps the strategy from collecting dust on the shelf and teams execute their plans,” Hollington said. “It is not an easy process to undertake and takes a significant commitment from the CEO and leadership team of the business. With that commitment, there are substantial results. I highly recommend their process for organizations aspiring to improve performance.”