Bluffton Motor Works in Bluffton, Indiana, is a global leader in custom-engineered fractional electric motors. The company serves a wide variety of OEM manufacturers and industrial production facilities.

KKSP Precision Machining in Glendale Heights, Illinois, is a manufacturer of high-volume, precision made-to-print automatic screw machine products for automotive, medical/veterinary, appliance, HVAC and aerospace markets.

Gallo in Cleveland, Ohio, is a marketing communications company providing design, engineering, production and service of three-dimensional exhibit and digital displays for museum, tradeshow and traveling exhibits.

Magna-Tech in Muncie, Indiana, is a premier provider of vacuum impregnation of castings for automotive, marine and electronics markets.

Bluffton Motor Works has been involved with the Six Disciplines program for the longest period of time, implementing its program in the beginning of 2010.

In the first stage of ownership by CapitalWorks, performance strategies were developed internally, but never really put into practice. Then, the Six Disciplines program was initiated and continuous improvement of the manufacturing operations, the commercial sales strategies and the development of the sales force have taken place.

“It is very hard for CEOs to stay focused on these kinds of things because there is so much that demands their attention,” Hollington said. “Management teams need to continue to stay focused on a plan. It’s one of the things Six Disciplines does best, monitoring progress and results to make sure the path is clear, well defined and within reach.”

David Nussear, President and CEO of Bluffton Motor Works, agreed.

“Several other companies provide strategic planning services. Most of those help you develop the plan and leave it with you,” Nussear said. “With Six Disciplines, it’s a process. They not only help you develop the plan, but they stay with you during execution of the plan. It’s easy to have a plan, but not always easy to put it into practice. The coaches are great as they help you crystalize a plan and execute it.”

With 300 employees, Bluffton Motor Works relies on strategic planning daily.

“The Six Disciplines plan creates alignment throughout the entire organization. It creates a unified vision and goal,” Nussear said. “We are all busy and this ensures we are all working on the same goals. We have a 10-15-year vision that is broken down into segments. We have an annual strategic review, monthly reviews and weekly goals that all go back to the master 10- to 15-year plan.”